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Dr.Ravi's Clinic is one of the best Classical homeopathic clinic where patients are treated according to “strict homeopathic principles”

“Transparency” in clinical practice with “evidence based cure” is unique for this clinic.

Your search for “perfect homeopathic physician” ends here as homeopathy is practiced here as it is supposed to. Here every case is treated by “ individual medicine” according to their “ own unique symptoms and personality” rather by a readymade medicine.

Here is our motto "Turning Hope to reality”. The purpose of this website is to present before a vast field of homeopathy with "evidence based cure” which gives a confidence to a patient seeking permanent, affordable and harmless treatment.

Here, we accept “case as a new challenge” and every case “as a new faith in us and homeopathy.” With internet and other fast communication medium everyone is connected and it hardly matters the location of your treating physician you trust.

Unfortunately we have seen several patients who are almost disappointed and are in condition of despair after trying many type of medication even for years.

Every system has its own advantages and disadvantages but in homeopathy we offer most gentle, permanent restoration of health at the most affordable rate.

"Dr. Ravi is not against any system of therapeutic nor to any physician in particular as patient's health is the priority for him."

Dr Ravi’s homeopathic healing services come to you with a rich experience of healing various people internationally for over 16 years. A firm background and training in the clinical sciences – M.D. in homoeopathy, has set him apart as 16 year experience and talented practitioners of homeopathy in Lucknow and in India as well.

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My condition of seborrheic dermatitis is very good. your medicine worked really well. ya i have speech problem but i think it has decrease a lot.

Takweem KhanDhaka Bangladesh

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Great Services

World Class advanced Software " RADAR OPUS" treatments and International Standard facilities for the patients.

Qualified Doctors

Homeopathic Expert Like M.D. in homeopathy and Assistant B.H.M.S. Graduate.

World Class Followup Services

With phone support, SMS, appointment reminders and Followup reminders by mail, SMS, Facetime, Skype, Viber or Whatsapp calling Globally.
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